“My work’s inspired by life’s idiosyncrasies and what I perceive as a need to find balance in a world of beauty, chaos and choice. I am curious about the circles of identity we inhabit and how these resonate and affect a greater whole. The essence of each performer is deeply inspiring, and I encourage explorations that bring forth personal story and voice.

Fueled by the inexplicable and impossible physical challenges, I set movement scores and improvisational structures to engage fearless invention, instinct and critical response in an effort to deconstruct circumstance – embodying what is raw, and what is possible.

The name SWEET EDGE reflects a state of being where change is constant and movement fundamental. We shift, merge, adapt, step in and out of the known, take risks, and ask why. This is the Dance. For me, the SWEET EDGE happens in the space between what is and what can be.” - Olson

Separate Haven
photo: james glader / pictured: kim olson, jen jones, lindsay ashmun, danielle dugas

“ Stunning, exceptional technique... dance with exhilarating contact and complexity where arms entangle like a knitting. Olson embraces risk, one sees it well with the way in which the choreography lays out its dancers in space. The collision possibilities are uncontrolled and they are enormous, each presentation gives the impression of attending a premiere.  Beautiful.” - ICI , Montreal

SWEET EDGE is an evolving dance + performance project designed to support the explorations, creative process and productions visioned by Artistic Director/ Choreographer Kim Olson.  Works are artistically diverse and collaborative in nature with the company of performers and other artists, as well as with communities and environments.  On any given project, the company functions as think tank, muse and vehicle for each performer to bring unique and shared experiences to the conceptual structure and context. 

Olson founded SWEET EDGE  in Boulder in 2004 after interest in her independent projects grew.  Numerous works have been created for stage and theatre, film and video, site-specific, installation and improvisational platforms via a host of venues worldwide.  A few:  Edinburgh Fringe Festival; St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival; international tanzmesse nrw, Dusseldorf; Dance-Forms Choreographer Showcases in Guatemala and Mexico; Teatro de Danza, Centro Nacional de las Artes, and Canal de TV 23, Mexico City; Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias, Guatemala City; Cuarto Concurso Continental de Danza, Mexico City; The Kitchen and City Center APAP Showcases, NYC; Built on Stilts Festival, Martha’s Vineyard; Boulder International Fringe Festival; Denver Art Museum; Wheeler Opera House, Aspen; Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; Terminal Kings Exposition, DIA, ATLAS Black Box Theatre, Boulder; work | space, Denver; Biennial of the Americas, Denver; San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema presented through out Europe, Central and South America and the US.